Workshop Adapting Game Mechanics with Micro-Machinations

This site provides material used for the Symposium on Automated Game Design, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on September 17th 2014. This event was hosted to share results in the Automated Game Design project, and hosted by the Amsterdam Univeristy of Applied Sciences, and the Games and Play lectorate at Create-IT Applied Research.


  • AGD Presentation Slides
  • AGD Workshop Slides (with spoilers)
  • Micro-Machinations Cheat Sheet
  • Micro-Machinations Library
  • AdapTower Textual Micro-Machinations

  • Tower (v1)
  • Base (v1)
  • Global Rules (v1)
  • Tower (v2 mod)
  • Tower (v3 mod)
  • Tower endurance
  • Tower speed
  • Tower selling
  • Tower soulreaping
  • Results

    The AdapTower example shows some of the strengths of the MM formalism, but tower defense games are not ideally suited for MM because some modifications require physics and placement adjustments which cannot be easily represented. A tightly scoped small game did however enable getting quick first results. The modifications for AdapTower proposed in the workshop slides contain some poor game design decisions according to attendees. However, these are useful as example Mechanics. During the workshop we felt that with a few more design iterations we could have made the game fun to play, but several game elements were not yet exposed to the diagrams, e.g. Towers placement, fire events and the size of buildings. These could have been bound to the diagrams in future iterations. Further validation will require a case study in which the game enconomy is 1) already defined, 2) of a bigger scale, and 3) more central to the gameplay.